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The nifty compass in a ruler that makes drawing circles quick and easy!

Our patent-pending invention is set to take pencil cases by storm. No more struggling with fiddly compasses, only to draw circles that maybe don't come out as circles and leave a hole in your paper to boot. The REvolve makes compasses and difficult to draw circles a thing of the past.

Exam Flipz

Exam Flipz are revision aids that make studying on the go easy. They slip into the pocket and are great for revising (or learning) while on public transport or waiting.

Each colourful Exam Flipz presents information in the form of diagrams wherever possible and is split up into small panels that focus the student's attention.

Joona Education Workbooks

Our GCSE science workbooks are carefully designed from the ground up to allow students to absorb as much as possible. They are not your typical workbooks, mixing together text book content and workbook questions, but also providing plenty of space for students to make revision notes and diagrams.

By encouraging students to learn the content in multiple ways and spend time on each subject, the likelihood of understanding and retention is increased.

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